All Barre One

Our first ever Luxury Collection. All garments within the collection have been manufactured in 100% Silk sourced within the UK. All Ellipsis garments & accessories have been designed & manufactured in-house strengthening artisanal skills that have been lost in a mass-produced industry. We believe in creating products that will last and for you to cherish for years to come in a mission to slow fast fashion. Designed & manufactured by Nicole Christie inspired by her previous dance training background, the collection features ties, gathering, flashes of skin and most importantly capturing the fluidity of movement echoed by the body in the delicate luxurious fabrics inspired by dance. Our garments within the
collection have been designed to be timeless pieces within your wardrobe,
pieces that can hold the same amount of elegance in years to come as they do
today. Furthering our mission in sustainability we have included hairbands that
are made in offcuts of Silk fabrics, fabric that would once been discarded a
new life.