Behind the Scenes

All Barre One | Glasgow | 03.01.21

I am including two of my previous designs in the collection. Moving forward my mission is to show people that sustainable fashion can be fashionable! Break this stereotypical view surrounding sustainable fashion. The two garments that I created before I will be launching in new fabrics that are biodegrable and less harmful to our planet.

Sourcing fabrics that are more sustainable does reduce our options. I have a love hate relationship with fabric sourcing. I have a vision and often to find that perfect textured and coloued fabric can take well a LONG TIME.

I'm not going to share all my designs with you quite yet but keep tuned...

All Barre One | Glasgow | 01.01.21

New Year NEW COLLECTION. I used to train as a Dancer at Dance Studio Scotland, before going into my final year I decided to explore a passion I've had from a young age Fashion Design. Although I was not training solely on Ballet, I wanted to use this as my source of inspiration for my first sellable collection for Ellipsis as an acknowledgement to my past.

I dont want to do the typical Ballet inspired collection, I want my customers to feel stylish and confident in what they're wearing and not costume. Concentrating on minimalist features/techniques; gathering, movement, ties, wrapping, exposure and colour palette.

*Due to COVID-19 it is difficult to collect primary visuals for moodboards.