Ellipsis is a sustainable luxury womenswear brand that believes in creating timeless elegant ready-to-wear garments. All garments & accessories are designed and handmade strengthening artisanal skills that have been lost in a mass-produced industry

Ellipsis believes in slowing fast fashion by creating unique timeless garments to a high quality. We want our customers to feel confident in  what they wear and to be able to hold onto our pieces for years to come. Garments are seasonless and manufactured in small batches to reduce overstock. In return this will create less waste and harm to our environment. As a brand we use sustainable materials when possible, we aim to become totally sustainable in our materials within the next 6-18 months. 

As a brand we believe it is important to be as transparent as possible for our customers. Letting you see the process behind your garments, from designing, pattern drafting, toiling, sourcing, manufacturing and those behind the scene moments. Before your garment is made in final fabric it undergoes a process known as toiling, essential drafting the garment in fabric before using final fabric. This process not only uses a lot of time but also a lot of fabric; Ellipsis uses and recycles unwanted clothing using fastenings and material from the clothing for the toiling process. We see this as a very small step but nevertheless a step in the right direction in reducing waste in an extremely polluted industry.  

A brand created and manufactured in Scotland, sustainable fashion can be fashionable.